Envisioning a lifestyle brand that emulated authenticity and the style their dad was known for, Nat’s daughters Patty and Barbara relaunched Nat Nast Luxury Originals in 2000. They set out to create a brand that is not only shaped by the American experience — it celebrates it. Believing that every man has a story to tell, Nat Nast approaches each design with the idea that a man’s clothes should reflect his confidence, his irreverence, his instincts and his style. The centerpiece of the collection is its signature line of limited edition embroidered shirts, each shirt telling an authentic story that pays tribute to the remarkable people, legendary places and notable events that have shaped American History.

While a lot has changed over the years, the company’s core values have not. Nat Nast’s attention to detail, his emphasis on quality, and his appreciation for the finer things in life still live on today. It is our honor to keep Nat’s legacy alive with this timeless collection. It is a celebration of those moments that Recapture an Era.